Sarah Hoyt is a Paris-based Canadian artist whose work includes paintings, drawings, 3D pieces and conceptual projects.  Originally trained as a classical pianist, Sarah began creating visual art after studying architecture and urbanism. 


My drawings and paintings are minimalist explorations of basic visual elements: line, colour and surface.  I want to use the qualities of the materials to create contrasts and unexpected changes, always maintaining purity and simplicity.  In my conceptual works, I use the repetition of daily actions or the benign to transform and distend the meaning of objects or ideas.  My collages play with the printed or digital image, creating twisted or surprising alternatives to the idealized objects created by the media and pop culture.




2017 - Les Femmes Libres, Hôtel Pasteur, Rennes. Oct 20-31

2017 - Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers de Belleville, Paris. May 20-22

2017 - Les Nouveaux, Les Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville, Paris.  Mar 30 - Apr 2

2017 - l'Association des Femmes Canadiennes à Paris, Paris. Mar 7 - 10

2016 - l'Association des Femmes Canadiennes à Paris, ¨Paris. Mar 8 - 11

2015 - Déséquilibre, Espace Christiane Peugeot, Paris. Apr 28 - May 18

2015 - l'Association des Femmes Canadiennes à Paris, Paris. Apr 14 - 18


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